Reimagining National Security in the Age of COVID-19


New America and Arizona State University invite you to join an online Future Security Forum, focused on reimagining national security in the age of COVID-19. Top policymakers, practitioners from government, the private sector, and academia will convene a four-day virtual forum to analyze and debate the most pressing global security issues of the 21st century.

Monday, September 21

12:10-3:00pm ET

  • How can more diverse views make us more secure?
  • Preparedness, resilience, and global energy security during the pandemic
  • Reinventing national security post-COVID-19
  • COVID-19 and implications for the defense industrial base

Tuesday, September 22

1:00-3:15pm ET

  • How do we combat disinformation in the age of the coronavirus?
  • Burn-In: A Novel About AI and the Power of "Useful Fiction"
  • As the coronavirus spreads, what are the implications for the U.S. and the world?

Wednesday, September 23

12:30-2:05pm ET

  • Strategy in the era of coronavirus
  • So you think you can improve U.S. security? New voices on new policy ideas
  • How does Chinese espionage work?
  • U.S.-China relations post COVID-19: Is conflict inevitable?

Thursday, September 24

12:30-3:00pm ET

  • Why the pandemic has exposed the weakness of the West, and how to fix it
  • Political violence in the United States: What does the data show?
  • Far-right terrorism in the age of COVID-19
  • Deradicalization: Lessons from the field
  • How is proxy warfare reshaping the world?

Future Security Forum is one of the signature events of the Future of War project—a New America and Arizona State University partnership analyzing emerging global threats, new technological applications, and the changing nature of warfare in an increasingly interconnected world.


September 21 - 24



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